Step 1

1. Choose your degree of difficulty.

Step 2

2. Pick your priorities, pledges, or punishment.

Step 3

3. Share your graphic with the world.


Instant accountability and a whole lot of time to do stuff that matters.

Three Degrees
of Difficulty

Dial 1

Super Simple

No social media, and that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn and anything like it.

Dial 2

Hard Core

No social media or online games. Say goodbye to your virtual friends and make some real ones.

Dial 3

Full Monty

No social media, games, apps, text, or email. No Google. Your phone is just a phone. Good luck with that.

Priorities, Pledges
of Punishment


Want to get in shape? Go camping? Work on the old clunker in the driveway? Block off a set period of time for other priorities.


You could have written a book or learned a language in the time you spend online! Buckle down and make it so.


Give yourself consequences that will motivate success, like donating to an organization you detest.

Start now!

Share Your Graphic
on Social Media